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Chocolate Maker Story: Solkiki

By 27th November 2017Our suppliers

We love delicious chocolate and stylish packaging but we believe that the values behind our suppliers are as equally as important. We find that ‘Guilty Pleasures’ like chocolate become ‘Pure Pleasures’ if they’re organic, vegan and ethically sourced. Sweet deliciousness doesn’t have to leave the growers and their workers in poverty. Something which many brands aren’t that concerned about, sadly.

So as soon as we discovered Solkiki we knew we had to share their multi award winning chocolate with you. Their organic bean-to-bar chocolates are just stunning. Gourmet, yet without snobbishness.

Direct Trade – (even better than Fair Trade!)

85% of their ingredients budget goes directly to the growers – the remaining 15% represents very small growers who aren’t able to trade without a middleman. This is up to 8 times the price that they would get under the Fair Trade scheme! These growers can then invest in creating a better life for themselves, their families and their community. And all of their chocolate is organic and vegan. So Solkiki chocolate tastes extra sweet to us.

Delicious Small Batch Bars

And goodness, does this range of bean-to-bar chocolate taste divine! They are all handmade in small batches from really great quality ingredients. Solkiki are passionate about ensuring that. It certainly comes through in the flavour, texture and mouth-feel of the chocolate.

Another thing they are passionate about it showcasing the unique flavours that is created by the chocolate maker, the farmer and the genetics and terroir of each cacao plant. The terroir being the sum of the effects of the local environment – the geography, geology and climate; from the soil to the sky – which influence the characteristics of the cacao bean. So each bar they make is an exciting chocolate adventure. One that isn’t easy to find in many brands of chocolate. And you’ll certainly not find their range anywhere other than fab independent retailers – like us!

You can find Solkiki bars in our Chocolate Lover’s Gift Set, our Luxury Organic Chocolate Collection and in our Chocolate Lover’s Letterbox Friendly Selection as well as out Tea & Chocolate Lover’s Letterbox Friendly Selection.