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Tea Maker Story: Tea People

By 18th January 2018Our suppliers

Now you will  be forgiven for thinking – like I did – that researching and tasting tea and chocolate is the perfect job. Well, OK, it is pretty spectacular, but I have to say that it can sometimes be pretty frustrating. We at Tea & Chocolate have high standards when it comes to the products we include in our tea and chocolate hampers and gift sets. We insist that they are:

    • delicious
    • beautifully packaged
    • organic
    • vegan
    • preferably produced in the UK
    • AND with (at the very least) some consideration to fair trade

It’s a tall order, but one we feel ticks so many boxes for bringing you purely pleasurable gifts and products.

So when we discover a product that actually delivers all of these points we get very excited indeed. (Sometimes we discover an amazing product but the producer doesn’t want anyone else to sell it but them – that’s also very disappointing…) So let me introduce the lovely Tea People.

Doing good, tasting fantastic.

Tea People are a social enterprise (massive ‘tick’) who supply really, really great teas and herbal infusions. They are based in the UK but the founders both come from Darjeeling (that well-known tea growing region) in India. They strongly believe that education plays a pivotal role in providing equal opportunities and alleviating poverty and so commit to putting aside at least 50% of their net profits to address the issue of educational development within the impoverished areas in and around the impoverished tea growing regions of the world.

Working closely with their sister charity The New Leaf Trust they help a small number of schools with vital things like urgent repairs, getting access to toilets and clean drinking water, and buying teaching aids and materials. Supporting schools like this means that local children don’t have to face the obstacle of a three hour walk to get to their nearest school and providing education for girls who wouldn’t otherwise have had the opportunity to go to school at all.

With success stories like this, maybe you can see why we are so stubborn about finding suppliers that match our values!

The gorgeous Tea People teas that we currently offer include:

Organic Ceylon – A beautiful, full-bodied black tea that leaves a lingering sweetness. Premium Single Estate Orange Pekoe tea from the Greenfield Organic tea estate in Sri Lanka.

Organic Turmeric Chai – Great Taste Winner 2017…and we can see why. A deliciously warming caffeine-free herbal infusion bringing the super power combination of turmeric together with black pepper (which boosts the absorption of the good stuff that’s in turmeric) and rounded sweetness from cinnamon, cardamom and liquorice. Turmeric is an amazing root that is known for its anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties. This tea makes is it really easy to get your daily turmeric dose.

Organic Strawberries & Cream – A refreshing fruity tea that actually tastes as good as it smells! It’s sweetened with natural goodies like strawberries, apple, carrot, beetroot and raisins. The creaminess comes from sweet and smooth vanilla so it’s nicely dairy-free and vegan. I don’t usually like fruit teas as they all seem so dominated by hibiscus making them rather acidic and tasting very much the same as the next. But this one is something very special! Enjoy hot or as an ice tea (or why not make a cheeky cocktail with it?).

Organic Earl Green – combining the classic bergamot scent of Earl Grey with an earthy Gunpowder green tea, dotted with pretty blue cornflower petals. Divine!

You can find these teas in our rather special Tea Gift Boxes and letterbox friendly collections.