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Iced Tea Pimms Recipe

By 19th April 2018Recipes

Oh-la-la! The sun came out today. Sassy little minx! So, come 4pm we downed tools for the day and sat ourselves by the lake while the BBQ did its thing.

Though my hubby had been excitedly talking about this sunny event for many days, I was not that prepared. Luckily we had a few bottles of Pimms leftover from our 1940s wedding celebration last year, so I conjured up several jugs of this divine sunshine drink using one of my favourite organic fruit teas from Tea People. The delicious thing about this cocktail is that you can sweeten it according to your own taste.

ICED TEA PIMMS (serves 2)

2.5 tsp Strawberries & Cream Tea leaves – you can find this in any of our delicious Organic, Vegan Tea Collections
400 ml boiling water
400 ml Pimms
500-600 ml sparkling water
Agave/maple/rice syrup to taste (I used about 2 T)
Fruit garnish such as orange slices, cucumber strips, fresh mint, strawberries (fresh or frozen)

Make the tea by steeping the tea leaves in the boiling water for about 5 minutes. Strain and allow to cool. You can also make this a cold brew by steeping in cold water overnight.
Pour the tea and pimms into a large jug. Add the syrup, give it a stir and give it a taste for sweetness. Add plenty of ice and top up with sparkling water and the mint and fruit garnishes. Serve in tall glasses, pop on those sunglasses and go enjoy yourself, Darling!

Pimms Image: Julian Povey

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