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FREE recipes for Vegan Chocolate Lovers!

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Do you love chocolate treats? Of course you do! Then you might be interested in getting our FREE download so you can enjoy our top, easy-to-make chocolate treats at home. All with a delicious and healthy twist! They’re all vegan, dairy-free and gluten free, too.

You’ll find out how to make the following:

  • Chocolate Ice Dream (frozen dessert)
  • Hot Chocolate & Banana Pancakes
  • Chocolate Crisp Truffles
  • Hot Chocolate Shot
  • Chocolate Pudding

Delicious, huh? So what are you waiting for, Darling? Click the button below and you’ll get the secret link to your recipe booklet straight away. Happy days!

Raw Vegan Apple Crumble Recipe

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Sometimes a gal needs a change from her usual bowl of fruit and muesli for brekkie. Something sweet, filling…and a bit special. But it needs to be nice for her body and not full of processed crap that doesn’t fuel a day of fabulousness. So instead of stodgy croissants and muffins try this raw apple pie – it will make you feel that you are treating yourself to something very special, yet with all the goodness of a super healthy breakfast. Read More

The Secret to Reaching BOLD Goals

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When you want to achieve amazing and exciting things in life, you need exciting goals. Goals that are bold enough to make you feel a tiny bit scared. Because if they are not exciting and scary enough you might find that you just can’t be bothered to make them happen.

And to reach these bold goals, you need to take bold steps. And that usually means womaning up. Doing things that you are not used to doing. Thinking things that you are not used to thinking. And actually being the person who would achieve that goal – even if it all feels a bit alien. And that can take a whole lot of energy. But hell! it can return the energy you invest one hundred fold because it’s just so flippin’ exhilarating. Read More

Rosemary & Cashew Spread Recipe

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One of the things I love is having spreads or dips in the fridge to stuff inside a sheet of nori, or to spread on raw crackers, rye toast or gluten-free wraps. These make great snacks or meals: with a filling spread all you need to do is add some sliced veggies and green leaves and you have got yourself an outrageously tasty, healthy and quick lunch or dinner!  Read More

Adventure Weekend with G & T Making and Chocolate Tasting

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Sea Kayaking + Coastal Walking + Gin Making + Chocolate Tasting + Starlit Dining
22 – 25 June 2018, near Kingsbridge, South Devon

Shake off the everyday grind with the perfect balance of ‘wind-in-your-hair’ outdoor thrills and delicious gourmet chilling. Where the buzz of a brilliant day outdoors starts and ends in a warm and cosy bed inside our stunning lakeside house. And is punctuated with amazing vegan foodie experiences.

Read More