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FREE recipes for Vegan Chocolate Lovers!

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Do you love chocolate treats? Of course you do! Then you might be interested in getting our FREE download so you can enjoy our top, easy-to-make chocolate treats at home. All with a delicious and healthy twist! They’re all vegan, dairy-free and gluten free, too.

You’ll find out how to make the following:

  • Chocolate Ice Dream (frozen dessert)
  • Hot Chocolate & Banana Pancakes
  • Chocolate Crisp Truffles
  • Hot Chocolate Shot
  • Chocolate Pudding

Delicious, huh? So what are you waiting for, Darling? Click the button below and you’ll get the secret link to your recipe booklet straight away. Happy days!

Raw Vegan Apple Crumble Recipe

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Sometimes a gal needs a change from her usual bowl of fruit and muesli for brekkie. Something sweet, filling…and a bit special. But it needs to be nice for her body and not full of processed crap that doesn’t fuel a day of fabulousness. So instead of stodgy croissants and muffins try this raw apple pie – it will make you feel that you are treating yourself to something very special, yet with all the goodness of a super healthy breakfast. Read More

Rosemary & Cashew Spread Recipe

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One of the things I love is having spreads or dips in the fridge to stuff inside a sheet of nori, or to spread on raw crackers, rye toast or gluten-free wraps. These make great snacks or meals: with a filling spread all you need to do is add some sliced veggies and green leaves and you have got yourself an outrageously tasty, healthy and quick lunch or dinner!  Read More

Win at Dry January with Tea and Chocolate

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The concept of Tea & Chocolate was born on 1st January 2017. One of the first things I did was to order heaps of samples  to discover the most beautiful organic teas and chocolate to share with you. I had also decided to do Dry January that month. Well, if I’m being honest, the plan was to do ‘Dry first two weeks in January’ because I wanted to set an achievable goal. I do find that if I tell myself I’m not allowed something, I suddenly want it more than ever. Anyway, after a week or so of exploring lots of amazing tea and chocolate I found that I really wasn’t missing wine and G&T, and I sailed through the next few weeks without feeling like I was being deprived in slightest. In fact I loved it!

This year I’m going in for the whole month immediately as I know I can succeed. And I’m looking forward to coming across some more great products to add to my range during the process! Here are my tips to still enjoying life without those drinkies.

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